Build Confidence with a success diary

Build Confidence and self esteem by keeping a diary of some of the positive aspects of your day. This is a great way to reflect on your day whilst focusing on the great things that you have achieved.


It is common when people have low self esteem that they only notice and recall the things which remind them that they are not successful or worthy of praise. By keeping a simple victory diary, only recording things, that have gone well today, that you have done that you are proud of and things that they have learned today, your self esteem will grow and grow.

Create a success diary that is personal to you


If you use a paper diary, start as you mean to go on have pride in your successes by getting a journal or diary that you really want to write in that represents your personality and physically feels nice for you to hold and use.

Build confidence by being specific about your successes

You may consider a special pen to your write your entries in. The diary is intended to record your successes and the things that you have done that you are proud of each day. How you record them is up to you but put feelings in your diary express how you felt about each success. Be specific as it is intended to remind you about things that matter to you and you are proud of.

Build confidence by keeping a record of these types of successes

In your success diary, record:

Things you are proud of that you have achieved.

Things you have done today even if you did not achieve perfection

Nice things you have done for yourself and for others.

Goals that you have set yourself and progress on there goals

Feedback from others. Feedback from others can often tell us more about our progress then we are able to identify by ourselves. This is especially true when we focus on the outcome instead of the progress were are making and if it is a big goals such as loose a lot of weight or to step back from an addiction.

Success diaries can hugely impact your success when you are making big changes.


To help you meet your change goals the diary should include any personal goal targets that you have made progress on. When dealing with self confidence and self esteem a key area for development centres around how you communicate with others, if you use your assertiveness tools and if you express your own needs clearly so that you get your needs met. Using the diary to record progress and allowing you to reflect on the next small step to reach your target will help you to make long lasting permanent changes in your life. The diary will also help grow your self esteem and motivation by being a record of how different your life has become.

Revisiting success is essential for self esteem as it raises awareness to your successes. This process is a way of re-programming your brain to seek and find positivity in your life.

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