Boost Confidence by being kind

To boost confidence and raise your self esteem there are a whole host of techniques to adopt. A simple and enjoyable way of changing how you feel about yourself can be achieved by helping others. Helping others, whether by a small act of holding a door for someone or a more significant one of helping them through troubled times is a major way of growing self esteem; which in turn is vital to have the resources necessary to deal with any challenges when making major lifestyle changes.

Self esteem is all about how we feel about ourselves. One major contribution to growing self esteem is how we are able to improve the lives of others.


By helping others, in any capacity, from being an anonymous helping hand to coming to their rescue when there is a major crisis, improves how we see ourselves and value our contribution to the lives of others.

Self esteem is enhanced because you will get immediate feedback about how they valued you at this point. However, there is self esteem development stemming also from the knowledge that you did a positive action which supported someone for all the right reasons.


Helping others can range from giving someone advice, encouragement or advice to doing something. If you are shy you can use social media like email, or Facebook to offer advice so despite this shyness, you are able to build your own self esteem. See Shyness for more support.


Another way of helping others and also boost confidence can be doing something nice which is not necessarily solving problems but just showing kindness like preparing a meal for friends or babysitting.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are doing it because you want to and not for negative reasons such as trying to impress others.

AS you do more for you and share your talent, accept yourself and talk kindly to yourself then you will find that you will improve your confidence in yourself, and also give a boost to everyone around you. Enjoy knowing that your positivity will be infectious and others will benefit from your improbved wellbeing so .....

1: Be kind to yourself.

2: Tak kindly to yourself and others.

3: Do things that you really want to do and step back from things that are not right for you.

4: Hellp and enjoy helping others. Do this on your terms or your are vulnerable to burning out.

5: Reflect on your day and find the successes in each and everyday. Use an attitude of gratitude to help you do this.

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To be able to help others there is a need to interact with others. For information about building confidence in dealing with social situations, shyness and being around others look at the Motivation section of the website.

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