Treatment for binge-drinking

Binge-drinking is where people use alcohol in large amounts in one session. Bingeing can get really serious when the volume that people drink in one sitting results in more and more risky behaviours such that they get so drunk that they are unable to keep themselves safe.

Some of the risks of binge drinking include, trips and falls, lost or stolen belongings, but also much more risky behaviours. Some people under the influence of alcohol take huge risks including leaving pubs and clubs with strangers, and even experience black outs and memory voids, where they have no recall of what events took place whilst they were under the influence of alcohol.

Binge drinking is a risky activity but if you only relate to using alcohol by binge-drinking then you are at increased risk of being controlled by alcohol. There is a simple and effective treatment to take back control of your relationship with alcohol.

Why do you binge drink?

People binge drink to totally change how they feel. People who binge-drink as a matter of of routine do so to free themselves from the emotional constraints they feel they are under in their daily lives.

Treatment for Binge-drinking

Treatment would involve identifying what are the reasons for wanting to abandon control to such an extent that you could be significantly and permanently harmed.

The treatment would include a range of tools that will help you feel more in control of your life, more confident and tools to be able to communicate to others more assertively. 

The treatment will also include a range of practical tools to help you to take back full control of your drinking. These tools will give you the confidence to make better choices, to give you the practical skills to effectively the volume and rate of your drinking. The treatment will also help you to remain committed to the right choices for you, even if others around you are making poor choices.

Work to break the compulsion to keep drinking when you are drunk.

Hypnosis ot help you slow down your drinking.

Tools to drink at a pace that suits your ability to manage the volume of alcohol.

Work to address the underlying reasons you feel the need to use alcohol to escape your feelings.

Tools to slow down to stop black outs.

Tools to help you enjoy your evening and stay in control.

How quickly can you take back control?

Treatment can be delivered in a handful of sessions. Once the reasons to drink subside and you use the tools to manage how you feel more effectively than binge-drinking then the motivation to drink uncontrolled will dissolve.

After a few sessions you will feel healthier, happier and more confident. You will feel confident, not only around your alcohol choices but also throughout all aspects of your life.

Online Therapy for Binge-Drinking

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