The Best Weight Management techniques.
Lose weight the manageable way.

The best weight management techniques are easy to follow and you can adopt them using a mix of ideas from this website including, easy weight management, dealing with temptation without even noticing, self hypnosis and the best bit, learning to love food again instead of seeing it as an obstacle to your happiness.

My Personal weightloss - the proof is in the pudding


When my weight eventually settled down after a period of sustained loss I had lost over 6 stone. I had not skipped a meal, had not radically changed my diet, still socialised, including going out for meals and having the same things to drink, never gone hungry by using the best weight management tips science can offer, and this is how I did it.

The weight is over - learning the technique

It started in 2011, mid June when I trained to be a hypnotherapist. I wanted to add this skill to my extensive range of therapeutic skills to support my client group, who were all dealing with issues around drug and alcohol misuse, as well as anxiety, confidence, low self esteem, and a myriad of other issues.

I did not set out to lose weight

As I trained many people asked me to help them lose weight using hypnosis. I did not set out to lose weight, I had no target weight, I decided I would use hypnosis on me as a test, to see how effective it was and then I had a measure of it’s effectiveness, to share with those who wanted to lose weight.

Low Mood eating

At the time my weight had crept to the most it had ever been. My weight had always been seasonally very variable because I experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression associated with the diminishing levels of light in winter. The symptoms of this are very low energy, a desire to hibernate and a compulsion to eat comforting food in the form of carbohydrate rich stodgy food.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

The effects of seasonal affective disorder mean that I had tended to gain between one and two stone every winter and lose it in the summer. I accepted my weight as a part of my condition.

Self Hypnosis

The muted summer of 2010 combined with moving to a windowless office meant that I had failed to shift the weight and so was in excess of 17 and half stone when I started hypnosis. I adopted some key self hypnosis techniques and within a short time I dropped considerably. Within four months my weight had fallen by three and a half stone, pretty much a stone per month. This was obviously not sustainable and I was also concerned about how healthy it was. So what had been so effective?

Realise you feel full to STOP eating

I had hypnotised myself to be alert to when I was truly hungry but also to be aware of when I was full. I also hypnotised myself to only eat at meal times and so I did not snack. The self hypnosis page can direct you to a simple way of hypnotising yourself.

June 2012

Work charity event

jeans last worn for a party night in 1997

12 stone 2lbs

Why do we eat when we are not hungry?

To develop the best weight management approach I looked into the science of why we eat when we are not hungry. Using my addictions expertise I realised that I was being triggered or it was a form of emotional eating, just as it was for my winter SAD related eating. After 4 months I started to research the driving force to snacking, identifying what triggers us to over indulge and used this to adapt my environment so that I would not be around anything which would limit my continued success.

The tests - Christmas, meals out. socialising with friends

Soon it would be Christmas, I planned how I would manage with excess food around me. In reality, although I planned, I had no issues as hypnosis was so effective.

After Christmas, weight loss had radically slowed, I was losing weight at a much more sustainable level. By April I had dropped another stone and by June, a whole year later I had dropped to just over 11 stone. Total weight loss, from around 17.5 stone to 11 stone or 100 lbs and a BMI of 23.3

January 2013

A photo by a friend impressed with my weight loss & that I can still eat.

A year and a half on from starting my hypnosis. Food is still a passion.

Beat Food Cravings

I used some of the techniques that work for addicts to support my own overeating. If it can work for addicts who have found it hard to change until they used these techniques I figured it would work for me to deal with something as simple as over-eating. As an addictions expert, I used all my skills and techniques that I used to support addicts to deal with triggers to snacking, dealing with any unnecessary thoughts about eating, food cravings, and also used techniques from specialist addiction recovery programmes to deal with any irrational thoughts that I had. As the website develops it will offer lots of tips to support your motivation and practical tips to aid lifestyle change, for now use the best weight management techniques to get the weight you want.

Ongoing fitness

Since then my fitness has fully restored so much so that I entered the Sheffield Half marathon in 2013 and this had a marked affect on my weight. I gained half a stone, as I trained every few days and was eating more as well as growing muscle. So in the space of two years I had lost over six stone, never skipped a meal and ran for the first time in almost 30 years and completed 13 miles. What are you waiting for, try out the best weight management techniques for yourself.

Sheffield Half Marathon

2 hours 34 mins

11 stone exactly

May 2013

Small steps lead


Big changes


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