Anxiety Self Hypnosis Script

This anxiety self hypnosis script can be used to help you manage your anxiety. You can record this on an MP3 player or CD after you have recording the first section of the hypnosis script here. Once you have done that add in the final part of the script so that you can exit trance safely.

Read the self hypnosis script in a soft gentle voice, leaving pauses where there are lots of full stops. Allow a second per full stop.

There have been times in your life when you have felt out of control, overwhelmed and fearful. Times when events seemed too difficult to manage, perhaps even too many different things or too many different people to deal with.... Those times anxiety filled your life, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes for longer.  Anxiety is healthy and normal it happens to all of us…some of the time...  Anxiety is a response in your body to make you alert, prepared and ready…. to act…. when it is necessary….for your benefit. So thank your anxiety for keeping you safe when danger has been present… potential threats may have affected you…for keeping your free from harm. You have allowed your anxiety to become to alert…too fearful and it is now time to allow your anxiety some time to refocus, review, to do its job better, return to helping you.

Some times we all have to learn to adapt…to safely adapt to our changing world. By focusing your energy…your creative energy which we all have to… from now on you will keep your anxiety in check so that you will respond effectively to your changing environment.

In your life you have many everyday task to overcome, to complete, to address, some are straight forward... and demand little effort  whilst others build greater focus… greater resilience and greater creativity.

Anxiety is caused by having too many unfinished tasks, too many new events and too many unknown aspects of your life. Over time all tasks reach their conclusion, all new events become old and unknown become familiar.

Over time you will become more and more skilled at using your creativity to solve life’s problems.... improving with practise and growing as if new tasks are things we have been doing all our lives.

We distress ourselves when we worry that we or someone we care for… is not yet ready for a certain task…we needn’t worry because in this life .we tend to learn as we go along……the proof of the pudding is in the eating…… are now in that wonderful place f self acceptance……..ready to go forward…. living without anxiety…deep down you already know that worrying is a waste of your valuable energy…you are becoming more and more aware that when you move your energy towards a solution……. Your energy either makes things simpler………or more complicated……..worrying always complicates things.


In the future you will immediately and naturally become alert to when you are unnecessarily  anxious… because you will find yourself revisiting that tune “Don’t worry be happy.” And on each occasion that this relaxing event  happens….. your life will change…because important events are about to take place.

To improve this part of the anxiety self hypnosis script you may want to find a different song if a better or more relevant one works for you or you may want to listen to the song and sing it during that section of the anxiety self hypnosis script

You are now aware that in every situation where you must choose between two options ..that there is always a third option…which is to do nothing …. It’s curious how solutions come from unexpected sources without having to do anything at all…. Just let the world drift by…. Allowing life to sort itself out…in its own time. You will now enjoy allowing an unexpected solution to present itself where once you sought to find a problem. You now know that sometimes you searched for problems.. which caused you to worry when there is no reason to worry. So “don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

You have used your creativity to find solutions. Happy accidents lead to great rewards. Happy accidents happen, when you let them in their own time. From now on you will leave things alone which do not concern you…or you will allow things that can wait ….to sort themselves out… in their own good time.

You know that the unknown is a place of limitless solutions and from now on …Learn to appreciate the gift of the unknown… celebrate the limitless creativity of the unfamiliar… where new and exciting solutions to old lingering problems will be resolved…. At the right time…in the right way ….forever.

You know the secret of using the unknown to solve problems in new and exciting ways…by allowing the unfamiliar to resolve to solve… life’s solvable problems… As you continue to use this knowledge to grow and grow … you will build new and exciting ways to be successful…resourceful…happy…calm  and relaxed  today and in the future just by letting … events take their course, you are better placed than most ….to be anxiety free.  Isn’t it good to know that once you were anxious because there were things you did not know or had not done and now you now that the key to happiness is allowing things to sort themselves out and from now on you will be more calm and relaxed by allowing the unfamiliar in life…allowing the unknown in life allowing the unexplained in life to solve life’s worries and knowing that allowing them to sort themselves out is once of the key s to instant calm… instant happiness and instant personal control and as you practise more and more …your happiness will grow more and more and as your happiness grows more and more … your life and that of those around you will keep on getting better and better and better

Once you have recorded the anxiety self hypnosis script return to the self hypnosis section here to complete the whole recording by adding in the final section of the script.

Practise using the anxiety self hypnosis script can help in many ways

The anxiety self hypnosis script can help you to self regulate and manage you anxiety. Anxiety self hypnosis is no substitute for specialist help. Access professional help to support you and direct you to get appropriate treatment for your needs

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