Get Anxiety Help by Seeing the World Differently

Anxiety help comes in many forms. People access hypnosis treatment for anxiety because it is so effective and has many different tools to help people fully recover. If you are looking for anxiety help then you can find lots of tools on the site to help you move forwards. You can find out about how you can offload anxiety by reducing the effects that anxiety has on your body, you can take even more control by adopting how you think about the world and also how you explain the world to yourself and others is a key part of that. So before you do anything else find out how to change the way you experience your world even before you change anything else...Because if you experience it differently, like that calm person you want to be then you will feel more like the way you want to.

One key motivational and anti-anxiety tool is a technique called reframing. Reframing is a Neuro Linguistic Planning technique which adopts out of trance hypnosis to see and experience life in  new, more motivating, anxiety beating ways.


Reframing is using your creativity to see all situations in a positive light. This technique  is especially useful for people  experiencing any self esteem related conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger, addictions and self harm but is useful for all aspects of life where motivation would help sustain the changes when obstacles appear.

Realistic but positive viewpoints beat anxiety

When working with clients who need anxiety help and experiencing depressive behaviours or anger it is common to hear clients talk about things in a very negative perspective such as “nothing ever good happens to me” or “I have never been lucky.” This pattern of seeing the world is de-motivating and also a form of reframing i.e. seeing the world by one perspective (only in this case negatively, which creates anxiety).
Reframing is a simple approach of expressing the world we all experience by looking realistically but seeking and finding the positive.

Reframing techniques

To do this you must first believe that there can be a positive in any experience, even if the event is not pleasant. Here are some examples:

I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. why does this happen to me? or:

I have been given the incentive to focus on what is important to me now and use my time left to do that. I am lucky that I can now get my affairs in order instead of leaving everything in a mess like others do.

"Stuck in traffic. Nightmare, I will be late!"

"Longer to plan the day. I can take stock. I never get to look at the buildings round here,  as  I  am normally rushing past."

Over time, those who use this technique, are able to have a very different life experience where they see opportunity where other see change. The technique is a simple out of trance hypnotic technique which allows any one who practises to feel more resourceful, more motivated, optimistic, less anxious and better placed to deal with the challenges of life.

Set your anxiety free, be happy and calm

Reframing is the skill of choosing to see the world in a new, positive yet still REAL perspective. by doing this you are also choosing to be an anxiety help, managing your anxiety and finding more useful and enjoyable ways of experiencing the world.


Give it a go and Get motivated. Use reframing to set your anxiety and negativity free, it has done it's job. Let it have a rest. The more you practise the sooner your anxiety will be gone.

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Other tools to help with anxiety:

Breathing tools. By learning to use breathing techniqeus to offload tension from the day you will feel more life you want to.

Exercise: get regular exercise alongside the hypnosis that allows you to operate the way you want and you will feel the calm return in only a few weeks.

Mood foods:Eat food high in tryptophan to feel calm such as Turkey but also use the most natural diet you can access as this will stabilise your moods.

Connect with nature: Get outside if you can and if not bring house plants into your home. the more you feel connected to nature the more you will feel calm.

Connect with others: The more you connect with others the more you will feel calm and secure so keep close toe you friends even though it can be hard when you are anxious.

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