General Anxiety Disorder. Understanding it and treating it quickly

General Anxiety Disorder or GAD is a really common mental health condition. It is a constant feeling of being on edge and stems from you always feeling like something unpleasant is about to happen, often despite there being absolutely nothing to worry about.

People with GAD often find their condition very frustrating because they are anxious and yet as they look around instead of identifying reasons to be anxious find instead reasons that indicate they should be happy and and content.

If you experience GAD, it can be so invasive into your life that even pleasant and happy events are tainted and destroyed by feelings of worry, panic and an overbearing sense of  dread which stops you enjoying holidays, family, friends and special occasions. 

How to overcome the worry of General Anxiety Disorder?

GAD is just a part of a thinking a process that is intended to keep you safe. At some point your ability to recognise the difference between what keeps you safe and what is a threat has been so confused that you are no longer able to separate out the two vital aspect of your life. Anxiety is there to tell us to stop doing something because it may be harmful to us or others. The journey back to taking back full control is relearning what is useful and what is destroying your quality of life.

Typically those who mix up the two things do so due to loosing a sense of what they are capable of and so fear anything. Relearning what you are capable of is part of this journey. As you read the next sections you will learn that to address your anxiety you really have to understand how you choose to experience your world, even when you are unaware that you are choosing because you have been doing it for so long.

Taking responsibility for yourself and not for the thoughts and feelings of others.

People who struggle with General Anxiety Disorder, or panic and many phobias often feel overwhelmed by the burdens of life and never consider if these burdens are really theirs to carry. A key element of treating GAD is to learn to take responsibility for the things you are personally responsible for and push back responsibility for others and let others experience the consequence of their behaviour as this will reduce the amount of tension in your life.

Learn to manage guilt

Learning to manage guilt properly will support you to let things go instead of revisiting them and as you revisit old, historic events, that are no longer real, they will no longer give you negative feelings which in turn you then project onto up and coming events in your life and so you feel fearful about what could be a happy occasion and yet you are still feeling very anxious.

Learn to speak to yourself the way you speak to others

Learning to speak to you with the kindness and respect you speak to others will help you feel less anxious as you will learn to be more accepting and think in a more accepiting way about yourself instead of an unhelpful judgemental way.

Access Accelerated therapy for Anxiety

Access a skilled therapist who can make you aware of how you think, speak and manage events of the past invites anxiety into your life today. By accessing skilled therapy, you can become aware of how you behave and also be given effective coping strategies that would lower your anxiety within a handful of sessions and help you to take back full control of your life in a couple of months.

How can I expect to change if I access therapy and do the work?

Clients with an anxiety disorder tend to arrive with a GAD score in excess of 16 and typically report that this has fallen by at least half after a handful of sessions and go on to report sustained changes as they learn to let go of anxiety and operate feeling more in control and relaxed.

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