Am I an Addict? Quiz.

I have devised this simple Am I an Addict? test built on many years of working with addicts, ranging from substance addiction like heroin, alcohol and cocaine to behavioural addictions like gambling, sex, self harm and shopping.

Addiction to an activity like gambling or shopping or a substance like alcohol or food is a complex thing to determine. When answering the question am I am addict it is important to focus on why you do something, how you do it and how this impacts on your wider life.

Use this simple Am I an addict test to identify if you have addictive behaviours and processes which may already be impacting on your life.

Answer True or False to the following 25 questions.

1) This process is affecting my life.

2) Sometimes I feel ashamed about how doing this activity.

3) I think about it at almost any point of the day.

4) This activity dominates my life

5) I feel isolated from the world when I do this activity

6) Doing this activity allows me to avoid my problems or distracts me from them.

7) I use this activity to escape from myself.

8) My friends and family have commented negatively on this activity, or would be concerned if they really knew the truth about this.

9) I wish I could stop this behaviour.

10) This activity seems to define me.

11) This activity cuts me off from my feelings about myself.

12) I have lost sleep thinking about how this activity affects me.

13) This activity is affecting my relationships.

14) sometimes after I have done this activity I regret it.

15) This activity controls me.

16) I wish I had more self control towards this activity.

17) I do not enjoy this anymore, yet I still do it.

18) Why I do this makes no sense to me.

19) It did not used to be a problem.

20) Carrying on doing this will only make things worse.

21) I feel alone, when not doing this activity.

22) I feel weak, when not doing this activity.

23) I make excuses to do this activity.

24) I lie so I can continue to do this activity.

25) Not being able to do this activity scares me.


Answering true to The Am I an addict quiz questions indicates addictive behaviours and the more that you answer true to the more likely you use these behaviours to manage your feeling.

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