The addictions section of the site is here to help you identify your needs and access the appropriate support for you or someone who is struggling with their behaviour. If you are trying to get a better understanding of the condition, whether it is alcohol, cocaine, heroin, gambling, shopping sex, self harming or eating disorders, no matte what you are experiencing this is the place to discover more.  If you want to find our what changes you can do to take control or what professional support is available from Positive Hypnosis, or how effective therapy and hypnotherapy can be in helping you to make sense of your behaviour and support you to get your life back, then follow the links to the relevant sections.

What are addictions? 

If you are new to this or are struggling with gambling, alcohol drugs or any other behaviour that has taken over your life and want to understand what is going on, this section will offer some key information about this. There is a quick test to determine if you have an issue, alongside lots of more common questions around what it means when we discuss this issue.  Find out more here.

How can you build self esteem? An essential ingredient to beating your addiction? 

Self esteem is essential to beating your addiction and living a long happy life in recovery. Are your preparing to change read this section to get yourself ready to build a long lasting recovery. Use the tips and suggestions in the confidence and self esteem section to start to grow within yourself today.

What tools do you need to keep your recovery moving forward from your Quit day? 

Understanding what to do to keep your recovery on track is not enough. recovery from any problematic behaviour is not a theoretical process, it is a practical skill which needs to be maintained or the risk of lapse may occur. Use the tools in the Quit Day and Quit Day Tools section to keep motivated and find fulfillment in the early stages of living without using returning to your destructive behaviour.

How do I stop lapse turning into a relapse? 

One of the key issues for people in recovery is learning to accept that change is difficult. During the recovery journey lapse though not recommended is a common occurrence. this section will help you to discover different ways to survive a lapse, find these experiences empowering instead of demotivating and as springboards to new learning, re-energising your recovery so that you can successfully break free of the unwanted behaviour. Lapse is just another way of learning about yourself. Use it to learn what does not work and adopt a new strategy which does.

What experience do you have in treating addictions and how effective is it?

I have worked with addicts who are struggling with alcohol, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, gambling. self harming, violence, and other behaviours over the last decade where I have worked in residential rehabs, hospitals and in community projects alongside my confidential private practice.

I use a range of techniques, many listed around the site to allow you to recover and let go of that destructive behaviour. The techniques I use start with gaining an understanding of the situation, the purpose and reasons that the behaviour exists and then use self awareness, self esteem building techniques, stress and anxiety management and goal setting to build a smooth and sustainable new life. The work may include works around managing guilt so you can move forwards and also tools to feel calm and in control again. I also offer support and advice so that the risk of lapse and relapse is reduced. I have used a range of creative approaches and commit fully to supporting a client to reach their addiction, both within the therapy room and beyond.

The use of therapy and hypnosis underpins all these changes so that the new way of being and feeling is done both at a conscious and unconscious level so as to make recovery natural and sustainable, instead of feeling like an effort.

As part of your therapy I will explore the support networks and recovery strategies which we can develop to make the treatment work for you. I have extensive experience in developing support and sustainable recovery. Find Out More Here

How effective is Hypnosis in treating my condition? 

Hypnosis treatment is highly effective at breaking negative thinking patterns and behaviour patterns. It is highly effective at supporting anxiety treatment, and helping form new patterns of living and thinking. If you want to feel and think differently use hypnosis as part of your recovery

How can addictions be treated by Hypnosis? 

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of dealing with problematic behaviours. Hypnosis is a valuable treatment for this condition because it helps to get at the root cause of the issues which the addict is unable to deal with without resorting to their using or repetitive behaviour. Find out more here.

How can you help someone with addiction?

How can I help someone get help?” This question is often heard in the world of recovery as the various friends, family, carers and professions attempt to deal with the confusion and chaos that behaviour creates. End your confusion and frustration, learn what and how best to help here

Need more help and support, contact me directly and I offer a free 30 minute consultation to help beat addictions
Contact me on Skype, WhatsAPP or FaceTime if you do not want to meet in person.

To change today you need to act today.

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