Addiction Tips for Recovery. How you can help yourself to beat your addiction?

As you seek to find a lasting recovery, addiction tips, advice and guidance of what to do will be offered, welcome or not. Those who want to guide you may want the best for you, or may just be people who are promoting their own agendas. I am unable to treat everybody, nor directly challenge all the counter-productive misinformation you may hear. I have written these simple tips to help you make small, sustainable changes which will aid both understanding of your needs  and also how best to beat your addiction.


The addiction tips here help to meet those needs. There may be aspects of the suggestions which you find irrelevant but they are built upon my long standing experience of addiction and mental health work. Together, following each suggestion will help you rediscover yourself, find lasting fulfillment and ultimately make a full recovery.

Addiction is a behaviour and how it is expressed is only the mechanism to show this behaviour. So whether you are an addict who uses gambling or an addict who uses substances, ultimately you have the same needs but show it differently.

During my work I have supported many people who did not fully understand their behaviour and, using patience and understanding have established a level of confidence in me that has given the clients the confidence to allow me to work on a range of seemingly unrelated areas of their life and it is only afterwards that the significance of the work to their long term recovery has become apparent.

Simple Addiction tips to prevent relapse

  • Manage your feelings or they will manage you
  • Be alert ot seemingly irrelevent decisions
  • Practise Urge surfing
  • Build your support network you never know when you will need it
  • Beat complacency, Plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  • Be fulfilled. Do things which challenge you, excite and allow you to grow in. 
  • Have variety in you day, your week and your life. So a mix of time alone and with others, inside and outside. working, resting and playing. Variety will help you feel fulfilled.
  • Eat well. This allows you to manage your moods and emotions and allows you to get quality sleep.
  • Manage or eliminate caffeine and nicotine as they affect your moods and reduces quality sleep.
  • Plan your time. Boredom is a key risk to recovery.
  • Plan to beat boredom by carrying a list of distractions which can be used if you crave.
  • Change your habits, where you socialise as these could trigger you to adopt the addictive behaviour.
  • Learn meditation and practise it to manage your self esteem and moods better.
  • Share your feelings daily.

Be self aware to know what to change

The addictions tips suggested here will encourage you to become self aware and offer ways to do this. There will also be hints around taking personal responsibility. There will be guides to the more immediate needs of triggers, urges, developing positive, addiction aware, risk aware role models and peers in your life and comprehensive section about how to address how you feel about yourself.


The recovery suggestions here will help to fully connect with your own needs and to reconnect with the people who you love and love you, those people who know the real you beyond your behaviour as an addict, full of potential and love.

This guide is a broad guide to help you reach your life goals and get your life back. Pick and choose the elements that are relevant to you and keep making small sustainable changes and your recovery will become a reality.

Use this guide to allow yourself to manage your addiction, live a healthy and fulfilling life and able to reach your potential.

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