Addiction Services for Families

Addiction services exist for all those affected by addiction but also gambling addiction. There are a whole network of specialist from the medical professions, mutual aid groups, mental health professionals and specialist addiction experts who support those in addiction. For family and carers of addicts there is specialist support out there for you. The ups and downs of gambling, drug and alcohol addiction affect everyone, including those closest to the addict.  To best support the addict, get support for yourself so you can remain resilient and understand what is going on. (Support for friends and family of addicts can be found online).

To fully support anyone in addiction you need to focus on your own needs first. Neglecting yourself will mean that you are vulnerable to making poor decision and have limited emotional resources to deal with the demands of supporting someone with an addiction.Getting frustrated at the person who is struggling with their addiction is natural, understandable however it may not help them to break there destructive cycle.

Meet your own needs first

To prevent exhaustion you need to make sure that your own needs are being met. These needs start at the basics, food, sleep and time for yourself. Further to this, it is important that you have support where you can offload your own feelings around supporting someone in addiction.


Many people who deal with someone in addiction on a day to day basis get angry, exhausted and frustrated by the demands placed on them. They also can feel the need to blame themselves, seeking to find out what they have done wrong.

Though natural and common responses, it is more useful to have support to give those who support addicts the skills and time to keep this support moving forward. At times addicts can and do get very sick, despite all the love and support offered, they do not exhibit or have the resources to value themselves. At these times addicts feel enormous guilt about how they are a burden to those they love and by getting support you can demonstrate that you still have a good life whilst supporting them.

Expert help for you

The support for families and carers of addicts comes from many organisations who work within the addiction services to support those affect by the addictive behaviours of their loved ones. These organisations include Swanswell, ADFAM, Beacon, amongst many others that operate locally and nationally.


These organisations offer one to one sessions with trained and experienced workers and volunteers, many personally experienced in the difficulties of either living with addiction or being a carer of someone in addiction.

Dealing with addiction in the family can be a very lonely and frustrating process so access addiction services for your self, even if the person you care for is not ready to access support yet. Besides one-to-one help you will have access to meet others going through exactly what you are and have knowledge and experience to share. Addiction services offer family support groups where people can share their own stories but also meet with people who see the outcome of all the stresses and strains. They see the carers and families of those who are now fully recovered and living without addictions.

Where to find local addiction services that can support you


To be the best support you can be, access family support and carers support. It will give you a safe secure place to offload, learn and recover from the demands and frustrations of the loneliness of being a carer watching a loved one experiencing often painful and desperate moments in their life.

To find out what  local and national addiction services exist to offer support and advice to you, speak to your GP or use the internet to source local and nationally available support to carers of those living with an addiction.


If you would prefer to access a confidential support service offering specialist guidance and addiction advice please contact me. I can offer face to face or telephone and global Skype support

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