Addiction Hypnotherapy

How effective is Addiction Hypnotherapy?

Addiction hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of dealing with addictions. Hypnosis is a valuable treatment for addictions because it helps to get at the root causes of their issues which the addict is unable to deal with without resorting to their addictive behaviour.

The various issues which addictions hypnotherapy treatment is effective for includes drug and alcohol addictions, eating addictions, exercise, work, gambling, shopping, sex and the whole host of behaviours that are used to distract you away form managing your feelings effectively.

Hypnotherapy can help in the early stages of recovery to help deal with triggers from the activity or substance that you are struggling with. Hypnotherapy can support with dealing with any urges you experience and, in conjunction with my extensive knowledge of sustainable recovery, I can offer specific tools and approaches to deal with each recovery challenge that you face or experience.


In reality, stopping is less demanding than staying stopped. Hypnotherapy can help to deal with all the issues around motivation, such as establishing and maintaining a new addiction free lifestyle routine.

Hypnosis can also help cope with work or lifestyle pressures which may threaten your long term recovery and, if left unresolved, can cause you to lose confidence and lapse or even to relapse.

Recovery coaching by an expert

Recovery is built on establishing or re-establishing a fulfilling life and addiction hypnotherapy, through hypnotic coaching can also help you identify and act positively towards reaching  your own life goals. Hypnotic coaching can be used to help you identify and develop life plans and offer the motivation and drive to action your plans instead of allowing fear of failure to limit your life experiences.

Addiction hypnotherapy is much more than using hypnosis as the therapeutic aspect of the work means using a complex mix of therapeutic approaches to help the client begin, maintain and sustain their recovery with key techniques and tools used along the recovery journey

Treatment using hypnosis is part of the treatment programme and ultimately you need to want to change and I can give you greater understanding of what to do instead of using, whilst the hypnosis makes it easer to deal with your destructive thoughts, giving you space to think clearly, act the way you want and feel more and more like you want to feel so that your addictive behaviour (the need to escape the thoughts and feelings in your head) becomes redundant.


The techniques which would be used in tandem with hypnosis include use of psychodynamic therapeutic techniques to aid you to identify some buried issues so that you are able to move forward with fewer anxieties and reservations about your potential and your ability.

Other hypnotherapeutic tools

Other techniques involve Person Centred Counselling approaches to allow you to manage your own needs and develop total independence from your addictions. As an NLP practitioner I use techniques which will support recovering addicts to identify and access self motivation to deal with any dips in mental health and motivation and use these to help my clients to reach their recovery as quickly as is possible.

My extensive history of working with addictive behaviour alongside hypnotherapy demonstrates the value of hypnotherapy for addictions.


Beyond hypnosis, trained hypnotherapists will have the skills to help you to manage any feelings of anxiety, support you to grow your self confidence and use a mix of specific hypnotherapy for addictions treatments and other therapeutic approaches to help you to live fulfilling lives again.

To access skilled practitioners who can offer addiction hypnotherapy check the national hypnosis registers; in the UK they include the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

Online Therapy

I offer online therapy for people all over the world using Skype. As long as you have  access to a computer find out more about accessing therapy, whether it is CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic approaches or hypnosis to achieve your goals contact me today at or send me a direct message on Twitter @hypnosisdave and I will arrange an appointment time.

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