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Learn about addiction support and the services out there: If you are supporting some with an addiction, you will be exhausted. Professional support for addiction is available everywhere. In many cases this support can be accessed for free, so invest some time and research what is available to you and the person you are supporting. Treating addiction is a well established medical process which has evolved over the last century. Professionals have an advanced understanding of neuroscience, the way the brain’s chemical makeup responds to substances, psychology, the way the thought processes can be developed to unlearn to be an addict and also physiology, the way the body responds to substances.

How to access treatment for addictionIn the UK treatment can be accessed for free through your GP. The types of support vary from region to region. This can include needle exchanges, which offer advice for intravenous drug users, safe reduction advice for alcohol users, alternative medication like methadone, detox and much more.

In the UK the treatment for addiction involves collaborative work of people from many sectors including GP’s, nurses, mental health practitioners, drug and alcohol counsellors, charity sector professional, psychiatrists, residential rehab professionals all who can be accessed for free.

There is support for all aspects of addiction so as you learn what addiction support exists specific to your needs  and you will discover that there is help out there for alcohol addiction as well as all forms of drug addiction. There is help for all ages, sexes, sexualities, and for people from all back grounds. There is lots of great out there, the NHS is a good starting point.

Use Carer SupportIn some regions there is also specialist “Carer Support” and also “child support”. This support is for anyone affected by addiction, either in the family or someone you are affected by.

Get support for yourself: To access this research on the internet or contact your local drug services to source specialist help. These services are there for you to manage your own feelings but also to help you to learn more about the treatment system and how best to support a loved one to get support and make a full recovery.

Learn about addiction to help yourself and others be effective

The more you understand, the more you can help: Addicts at the height of their addiction will use any excuse to maintain their addiction and will blame anyone and everyone involved in their treatment and so, the more that you understand the treatment system the better.

There are experts throughout the treatment process, the more you understand about addiction, the more you learn about the professional support available in the treatment system and the better placed you are to support any one accessing or in need of addiction treatment.

You do not have to endure the confusion, anger and frustration on your own. Find out about addiction help, make contact and use it. At anyone time thousands of peole are accessing this help. Help that is in place specifically to help you, that has the experience and specialist training to help you. Use this help. Meet people who understand and know what you need.

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